Posted by: Andy Porter | June 15, 2011

Word of Mouth Know-How: Customer Comment Log

The Customer Comment log is a record of any and all customer compliments or complaints, accessible so all staff can make entries.  It may be a large sized book with specially divided sheets, or a shared spreadsheet document, etc.

The log is a vital tool for developing a team of people who work well together and care about what happens at work.  Not to mention creating loyal customers and improving word of mouth about the company!  Most everyone wants to take pride in their work and are highly motivated when they can personally make a difference.

The log has several columns that are filled in completely when a compliment or complaint is received.  The columns are:

Client name / date / who took data / what was said /what was done / result.

Client name and date are self evident.  Who took data is who spoke to the client and is writing the data.

What was said is EXACTLY what the client said.  The only editing should be if there was any foul language used by the client.  This need not be written verbatim.  But if for example the client names a staff member who they feel has wronged them, this must be written down.

What was done is any action the staff member took at that time to remedy the situation.  Was there any apology given?  Was there a promise to investigate further?  Was a product exchange or credit given?  Was a refund given?  Was nothing done?

Then, what was the result of the handling done in the previous step?  Did the customer leave happy?  Were they still upset?  Did they say they would never come back?  Were they smiling?

The Customer Comment log must be kept in a very accessible location where ALL staff can easily add to it or read what is in it.  Larger companies might categorize the logs by department or division.

The idea is that ALL staff would take the time to fill in the things that they hear from clients, both positive and negative.  Usually receptionists, and other front-line staff, hear more of what the customers have to say, but not always.  Sometimes they are afraid to pass on what they hear because they fear repercussions from staff higher up.  There needs to be a firm policy in place that no staff member can be disciplined in any way for writing what the customer says.

It is up to the executives to make sure that the log is USED.  Any and all compliments or complaints should be recorded daily.  The log should be reviewed regularly by executives and gone over in staff meetings.

The log gives execs a broad picture of the client’s point of view, where the company is strong and where it needs work.  It is a very valuable tool and can and will create strong staff member enthusiasm when used.





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