Posted by: Andy Porter | June 15, 2011

Where Does Great Word of Mouth About a Business Come From?

  1. Great word of mouth starts at the top of any company.  It flows from the owner to the management to the staff, and then amongst all of them.  We already know that people tend to treat others the way they are treated.  If the owner or management treat the staff with kindness and understanding and follow the next five points, they will have loyal employees, which is the first big step to great word of mouth.   If not, they will have trouble.
  1. A business must have a system to gather accurate, up-to-date feedback from customers in order to understand how customers feel and where the company might improve.  Otherwise it’s all just guessing.
  1. Constant attention on quality of service based on the feedback you receive is vital.  Hold weekly meetings to discuss what is working and what needs to work better.  Invite your experienced staff to come up with ways to handle any problems.
  1. An ongoing program to train and educate staff is a must.  This includes:  Training for their basic duties and complete understanding of the services or products offered, mastery of all applicable software, training on customer service and when that’s all done, cross training on related positions.
  1. Recognizing and rewarding service excellence.  Employees who excel at servicing customers should be acknowledged and if possible promoted.  Building a team of motivated, empowered staff is the key to creating loyal customers.
  1. Recognize and effectively deal with employees who constantly gossip, gripe and complain.  These behaviors cause stress for the rest of the staff and can ruin morale.  If management does not effectively rid the company of these behaviors, they will drive your best staff away.

Drill:  Give your company a grade on each of the 6 areas above.  Grade each point like in school:  A, B, C, D, F, and write the grades in the left-hand margin.  If applicable, grade your department in the right-hand margin.


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